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​We provide reliable, affordable flat roofs and installation services for your need in south Dublin.

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​​Flat roof membrane EPDM Flat roofers Flat roof repair and Installation flatroofs.ie is a collection of the best Flat Roofers Ireland has to offer. Our partner companies install flat roof membrane for over a century of experience in Rubber roofing Technology in South Dublin.

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​If you have flat roof that needs repair, you’re in the right place. Below you are going to read some tips that will help you to get your flat roof back into good working order. Read through the following information to learn more about roofing techniques. You’re going to want to […]

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​​These are a few of the most common problems which can be the causes of leaks with GRP Flat roofs. Below are just a few Fibreglass Flat Roof Repairs problems to be mindful of before repairs. Flashings: If the area where your flashings meet an adjoining wall haven’t been sealed correctly​.

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​EPDM Single Ply Rubber Roofing offers high performance, has superior weather durability through a wide range of temperatures and conditions and demonstrates excellent resistance to rain, hail, sleet and snow. EPDM Single Ply​.

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TPO Flat Roofing TPO is an excellent roofing system for any climate. TPO, it is said is an advancement and a great improvement to traditional flat roofs that are being explored. The seams of TPO roofs are welded instead of glued.

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​Modified Bitumen is a key element in any built-up roof. This type of roofing system was developed in Europe during the sixties and later introduced in the U.S. in the early seventies. A​ plastic or rubber-based polymeric binders to the asphalt or “bitumen” to improve its roofing performance​.

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  • ​​We are a small business delivering local professional ​flat roofing ​in Dublin City and County
  • Our services are convenient for ​home owners and ​commercial ​roofs
  • We use the most eco-friendly products that ​are clean​ and protects and maintain your ​roof​.
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​Flat roofing has come along way in the last then years since the days of them just being a cheap alternative to a pitch roof and nearly always leaking.  That has changed now and thanks to the development of better materials. read more...

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​​An extension out the back of our house just off the kitchen. It was damp and cold, we used to call it the "back fridge". We came into a bit of money and decided to ​get it repaired, ​we called the team at ​southdublinflatroofing.com. They came out, we talked about what was possible. They quote was very affordable and work was quick.

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​Repairs to Detached Garage Flat Roof

​Flat Roof

Very pleased with out ​repaired flat roof. The ​roofers, worked wonders to avoid the rain and the whole job was completed with ease, both cleanly and to a very high standard.

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